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Behind Cakes & Layers, it’s the story of Thu Ha & Clément!

Not only they share the same home, but both have in common a real passion for the Art of Baking. While throughout her journey, Thu Ha has been polishing her skills in fine Patisserie, Clément focused his learnings on bread and viennoiserie. It is natural that together they founded Cakes & Layers! Combining their complementary knowledge and passion, they pride themselves on delivering beautiful handmade products yet delicious by using the finest natural ingredients.
Because from the very beginning, the main focus has always been and will always be Quality above everything else.
“In our own way we are driven to find the balance between doing something that is highly meaningful to us and creating a sense of happiness that might touch others.
We aim to be truthful through our creations and do hope you will love them!”.

Behind the Cakes!

Hi, I’m Thu Ha! I was born in Vietnam where I lived until I was adopted at the age of 11 in a French family . I was then raised and mostly lived in the French Alps before becoming a Londoner since 2010.
From a very young age, I have always loved manual activities. I didn’t know I wanted to become a pastry chef until that Christmas at the age of 16 when I decided to bake little treats as presents for my whole family. I still remember making chocolate truffles and hand crafting the little cardboxes to wrap them! The joy and their appreciation for my home made presents have with no doubt triggered my desire of becoming a pastry chef and aroused the dream of having my own patisseries shop one day.
After college, I trained as a pastry chef and chocolatier in a patisserie school whilst undertaking an apprenticeship with renowned artisan pastry chefs in Grenoble and Lyon. During apprenticeship not only I gained solid basics on French technics but found a real meaning in doing this job for so many reasons. 

I moved to London in 2010 with the plan to stay just for a year… Work opportunities, personal encounters and the love for English pubs made me change my mind.  Since then, London specifically Greenwich has become a special place in my heart.
The past thirteen years have been incredibly rich professionally. From hand crafting desserts for Queen Elizabeth II garden’s parties, to leading a team of passionate chefs for a growing French Bakery, to being the Executive Chef of the iconic Afternoon tea bus tour, London’s journey has been tough at times but truly amazing! I am grateful for all the experiences that helped me grow and define what matters the most to me. And what matters the most to me today  is to be able to share my passion with others in the most honest way possible.

Behind the Layers !

Hi, I’m Clément aka The French baker.

As a child, I lived in the countryside, a small village located in the South of Brittany. I still remember like it was yesterday, every Wednesday and Saturday mornings, the mobile baker came with his van, honking the horn to warn of his arrival. It was a pure moment of joy for me to rush to his van, watching him open the sliding door of his old J9 and discovering all the amazing baked goods. I still remember the wonderful smell of fresh breads. As earlier as 7 years old, I wanted to become a baker and never gave up on the idea!
At 15 years old, began what will be a lifelong passion for the art of baking. I started  a 4 years apprenticeship at the mobile baker’s bakery. I even drove his old J9 van!

Following my apprenticeship I spent many years touring France working in different bakeries to deepen my skills. Eager for new experiences I travelled and worked through Australia and America before landing in London in 2017 as the Head of production for a growing French Bakery. It is where I met Thu Ha. We found out that beside from having the same passion for baking, we also share the love for English pubs vibes and good pint of Ales.




As I grow older (and wiser), my personal and professional expectations change. Large volume production has become something I find away from my personal values. I wanted my work to be more meaningful, that aligns with who I am. Because the Art of Baking finds best its legacy in the ability to share with others; I wanted to use the knowledge and experiences I have gained  to help people grow. In the summer 2022 I set sail to become The French baker, a Bakery consultant on the mission to help new and existing bakeries develop in a sustainable way.

 Having our shop today is not only about making desserts and seing the joy on people’s faces. It is also about applying our personal values in doing something that is highly meaningful to us! Having our own space where we can meet and greet others, where we can create freely is truly a lifelong dream!
Together we hope that Cakes & Layers will bring you as much joy as it brings to us!

Thu Ha & Clément x

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